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Everyone’s agog about the new iPad 2; it’s sleek design, it’s portability and it’s ability to attract more attention than it’s owner ever does in real life. 😀

From its titillating touchscreen capabilities and drop dead gorgeous curves, heck, I won’t be surprised if there will be a few ‘MR’ & ‘MISS IPAD’ beauty pageants in the future to determine whose iPad is the prettiest of them all because that’s how obsessed iPad consumers are about their new pet.

But I don’t buy it. Literally!

Well, not this version or the next few down the road anyway and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Namely, I don’t believe in duplication.

While some people are ecstatic about having 2 cars, 2 houses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and even a his and her iPad, I sorely don’t like owning more than one thing that pretty much does what the other already can do. Not that I don’t appreciate the pair of eyes I have or any of my body parts that comes in two’s – it’s just that it’s wasteful and adds more stress to my life having to own just that one more thing.

Besides, owning an iPad2 doesn’t add value to my existence right now because I already own an iPhone 4. Most or all of the apps on the iPhone 4 can be found on the iPad 2 so why buy now?

Perhaps because it’s got a bigger screen to enjoy gaming?

Puh-lease! If that’s the ONLY reason to buy an iPad2, I’d rather take my money, go to Sicily and watch a few gang bangers rob it off me!

Besides some of the games on there can get quite boring once you’re done with it.

May I remind you, that the games here aren’t exactly Wii or PS3 quality.

But-but-it’s got great resolution, you may say.

Yea? So does my iPhone. Your point being?

OK then, how about video calling?

Oh yea, the Face Time thingy. Tell me again, just how many times does one actually use it on their iPhone anyways?


Yup, kinda figured…

Secondly, whatever video calling app that’s on the iPad2 is available on my iPhone with Skype and all the other similar chatting/calling features/apps that allow me to even stalk President Obama at the White House, so c’mon, give me a better reason here.

It’s set to give Kindle, iRiver and other e-book portable readers a run for their money!

Erm, I don’t think so. iPad2 and all of Apple’s touchscreen devices are not easy on the blinkers. The high resolution that makes it a such a ‘Wow!’ device only strains the eye and if you ask me, I’d rather go with the reader that doesn’t make my peepers bulge or squint out of their eye sockets, thank you very much.

Hey! It’s set to be a creative device for creative people on the go. Can’t beat that!

Now THAT would probably be the only thing that would get me stumping some cash on the ole thing.

Imagine that!

Editing and splicing my videos and/or music on the go will now be at my fingertips. It’ll be a breeze bringing work with me wherever I go right?


But why?

Well, namely because of Mr USB, Ms Firewire and Lord HDMI.

This, ladies and gents, is the holy trinity of divine gigabyte heaven. Without them, I’m afraid the iPad2 is nothing more than a sophisticated touchscreen toy for kids.

Mobile computing isn’t computing if these guys aren’t in the picture and I’m pretty sure the Apple guys know that as well and will look into incorporating them in future models because iCloud certainly isn’t going to cut it for us creative types who need to transfer big-ass data files that would make even Oprah Winfrey look like Twiggy. (Sorry Oppie!)

A video or really huge photo file can easily take up to a gig or more of hard disk space and as long as these mammoth files are still around, Apple might want to reconsider upgrading iCloud to iPlanet.

I don’t foresee that happening till 2020 so in the meantime and more than likely, we’ll still be carrying our precious hard disks and such for awhile longer….

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