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So Gaddafi is dead and the world rejoices at the swift extermination of another tyrant but I must say, something about the way the media has blasted gory pictures of his maimed and bloody corpse disturbs the crap out of me.

It hearkens to the Dark and Middle Ages when public executions were public spectacles.

Gadaffi humiliated in death

With heads rolling, bodies roasted or necks twisting, people in those days had some sick need to witness justice being meted out physically to a criminal; as if the dead body was final proof that the crime has been paid for in full (at least in this plane) and that the world would be all right and happy again.

This seems to be the way Gaddafi’s recent death (and Saddam’s a few years ago) was furiously publicized in the media.

To me, it isn’t only disturbing; it is downright alarming!

Have we not in 2011, put such uncivilised violent behaviour behind us?

Do we really need to splash such horrifying pictures to the global public?

Worst of all, why are we even allowing the media to do this in the first place? Whatever happened to social responsibility?

And who cares how he died? He died. End of story.

The pictures that have been going round the last few days in the media have been gruesome and many of them have made me sick, if not horrified and I’m an adult here.

Just think about the effects it would have on kids or teens who happen to come across these very same  images on the Net, TV or newspapers.

How the hell are they going to react to these pictures?

How will their growing minds and hearts process this information and just how will it affect their sense of death or justice?

Well, I am pretty sure, like any human, they would have responded in shock and terror.

These blatant displays of Gaddafi’s final moments on Earth by the media is an utterly irresponsible and presumptious act.

How can the powers that be running these media platforms think that the broadcast or printing of such material would satisfy the cravings of a news-hungry audience?

In that I am truly concerned for the younger generation exposed to such uncensored material over unrestricted news channels which also includes Internet sites like Yahoo! amd Google News.

Such long-term exposure to this kind of imagery could have a negative impact on their development, leaving them totally desensitized to the world and its goings-on.

That’s not all I’m concerned with.

While death is a thing we must accept in life, placing a corpse on display without a second thought about the repercussions that follow is something I am totally against.

Yes, Gaddafi was a heathen in power who subjected his citizens to much suffering and ordeals but having images of his bloody, deformed corpse all over the place is done in bad taste and makes us look every inch the villain he was, if not worse.

The man is dead. His spirit, extinguished.

What’s left is just a shell and that shell should be done away with discreetly, not exhibited recklessly like one does fresh meat.

Let’s not tread the path of violence like this man did with his country through bad media content management because no matter what, despite Gaddafi’s death, there are going to be others like him just waiting in the wings.

I strongly urge all news journalists, editors and news channels all over the world to stop portraying images of a man the world would sooner forget as an attempt to seek resolution for all those who suffered under his reign. There are other ways to do that.

Healing takes time, forgiveness and perspective. It doesn’t need bloody visuals……

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