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Vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters are becoming icons on TV today as fans drool over their favourite supernatural characters in shows like ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘True Blood’ and ‘Being Human’.

A trend started clearly by Twilight-hack-cough-double hack-mania, which doesn’t seem to be grinding to a fang’s halt anytime soon, audiences seem to be glamoured recently to take the plunge with these fascinating creatures, living out their sad, cursed (and very much scripted)  lives out on the fringes of the fictional community towns they exist in.

Who doesn’t feel a twinge of regret for Tyler, the werewolf from ‘Vampire Diaries’ who must leave Mystic Falls to find his fur…er, I mean himself, or get pangs of regret when Annie, the ghost from ‘Being Human’ can’t reconcile herself with her own death?

I do and I’m sure a lot of you out there care as well.

So what is it about supernatural creatures i.e above that have grabbed us by the jugular time and time again, no matter how their stories are told through the generations?

I mean it’s been close to a century since King Kong was made and yet, here we are , in 2011, still gripped by the spooky, scary and the unknown.

We’re still fascinated by creatures that can’t seem to control their supernatural urges and at times we even (gasp!) emphathise.

So is it because these creatures are vulnerable to their curses, recognising them as weaknesses that each of us also possess or is it because we wish we had these very same accursed powers?

Well, to be honest, I believe it’s both and it is this constant dilemma between the perspectives of weak and strong that help us identify so much with them because they reflect our human condition.

Perhaps by our unconscious adulation of these supernatural beings, we are paying homage to ourselves as humans and everything that makes us a unique species; mind, body and soul.

That’s probably why every generation has their own version of these creatures and their accompanying tales.

Maybe it is through their preservation that we are trying to preserve ourselves I guess.

However, for now, I’m content to just be entertained, relishing and reveling in all the blood that is being spilled onscreen for global mass media consumption.

I can’t think of a more ‘fang-tastic’ way to spend TV nights on my couch, don’t you think?

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