The current situation in my country with regards to the July 9 peace march organised by NGO Bersih 2.0 (Clean 2.0) and the many lame-assed attempts by the incumbents to stall the people from rallying Saturday has not only angered but disgusted me.

Is this a country that claims to be a multi-racial, harmonious country?!

Is this a country that reflects ‘1 Malaysia’?!

Finally, is this a country ruled by cowards who can’t even allow its people to participate in a march that calls only for free and fair elections?!

Instead, we find the Prime Minister and his band of merry tail wagging demons condemning the march as a protest hatched and organised by Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, former President of Bar Council and might I add, an intelligent woman with a stable head on her shoulders, unlike some clowns in office we know so well.

As the day of the planned march looms in on the masses, who are all geared up to make their voices heard, the fight is getting dirtier and dirtier by the minute.

Like a scene from ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ where kings and lords constantly scheme to be mighty rulers of lands and continents, here in 2011, in modern Malaysia, we are seeing something similar, except the powers that be aren’t wielding the weapons; their minions are and yes, ladies and gents, they’re playing it slimy and grimy down to the last man standing at this march.

This downward spiraling epic tale with Bersih is an interesting one and as we go through the timeline, you will see how the ruling party makes themselves look worse than any Orc in Mordor and why this time, no matter what, Malaysians must hold strong and walk not only for electoral reform but they must do so to save this country from such beastly beings. (*For the sake of accuracy, I shall refer to the ruling government and its ministers as Orcs in this article as it not only correctly describes how they defend themselves but also how to they react and respond to threat.)

In November 2007, Bersih held a peaceful rally on the streets of Kuala Lumpur to campaign for electoral reform. The walk triggered a landslide opposition’s win in the country’s historic 2008 election.

Since then, things have been pretty quiet on the city’s streets until months after the win, in August 2008, gaps began to show up when Perak was wrestled back from Pakatan Rakyat (The People’s Party and Malaysia’s main opposition coalition) and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was charged for sodomy twice and then charged again in April 2011 for appearing in a sex tape with a Chinese ‘prosty’. (Poor guy – whether he’s gay or straight, looks like BN will always be in his face about his sex life.)

Now, in June 2011, Bersih 2.0’s leader, Dr Ambiga announces anouther walk to remind the ‘Orcs’ that based on reports that recent by-election vote boxes had been tampered with, that Malaysians wanted the voting process to be fair and clean.

However, instead of taking it in a more positive light, more butts are being bared…er…I mean kicked again by ‘Orcs-in-charge’ and by 25 June 2011, all bets were off, when police clamped down on a series of pre-rally speeches supposed to begin in Uptown Market at Shah Alam.

Law enforcers flexed their muscles by bringing along three police trucks and 50 police personnel together with scores of other plainclothes police officers.

One of the speakers, PKR Youth deputy chief Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin, was quickly arrested and whisked off by the police 10 minutes after he arrived, even though he was “doing nothing” in the area, according to him.

If you can’t see how ridiculous this is, I bet you can’t wait to read what’s next.

On the 28 June 2011, the media reports that pro-Malay party, Perkasa chief, Datuk Ibrahim Ali is brought into questioning about the rallies along with Bersih 2.0 chairman, Ambiga as well as National Laureate A. Samad Said, who arrived just after her.

The 3 were detained for a few hours before being released reluctantly back into the embracing arms of the public, with Ambiga stating that no matter what, Bersih 2.0 was not a political party but an NGO –  a watchdog organisation for the people, by the people.

Obviously in the land of ‘BN-Mordor’, those statements don’t mean anything because just yesterday, 2 July 2011, a week before the rally is set to take place, Najib and his fellow Orc, Hishamuddin Hussein from the Ministry of Home Affairs, places a ban on Bersih 2.0, citing them as being an illegal organisation set on dividing the people and creating unrest in the country.

What a laugh!

If that were so, then how come an equally racist party like Perkasa have not been declared illegal? After all, their derogatory statements to the media about non-Malays in Malaysia for the past year or so have contained nothing but racist slurs and insults.

Utusan Melayu, a pro-Malay newspaper is also allowed to thrive with journalists and editors spewing out Orc-puke daily on its pages without even a scratch only because it is partly owned by Barisan Nasional (BN).

How about reeling these folks in for once eh and nipping the problem in the bud instead of always taking hasty defensive action against the opposition parties for literally doing nothing?

Of course, just when you think it can’t get any worse, ex-prime minister and former leader of the Orcs, Datuk Seri Mahathir Mohammad throws more fuel to the flames by remarking how Bersih has not been looking for political reform but a political tsunami that would destabilise the country politically and economically, citing the recent riots in Egypt as an example.

My response to that ludicrous statement was ‘Hell yes!!!! Let’s bring on a tsunami! If we need to do an Egypt on this country, let’s do it now and not regret again 5 years down the road.’

Sorry Dr M but Malaysians are looking for a change – not just any change but one that is going to change this country 360 degrees!

We’re tired of being governed by you slimy, retarded Orcs who have done nothing for the country and its people except plunder it to their advantage and we are tired of our leaders leading the country through divisive politics that has led to false mistrust, hatred and suspicion between races and communities.

To top it off, what irks me the most is that the leaders playing these games are accusing other parties of the same thing where the pot calls the kettle black.

It’s childish, selfish and it certainly makes many of us reasonably educated and intelligent Malaysians feel like foolish imbeciles incapable of making decisions on our own.

We ask for responsible, mature leadership and we ask for a clean government that builds a successful nation based on trust, honesty, integrity and strong willed discipline – not a flawed dictatorship that offers nothing to the people except misery, bitterness and hatred.

This is what BN has achieved in the last 50 years of power.

It has failed the people and it has fallen on its promises time and time again. Whether it’s the ‘1 Malaysia’ campaign, the ‘Wawasan 2020′ campaign (Vision 2020) or the ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ campaign (Malaysia Can Do It!), all of it now is just billions of ringgit wasted over the years and empty rhetoric.

We have achieved nothing nor will achieve anything these parties in power have promised us. Like bad boyfriends or girlfriends who cheat on us, Barisan Nasional and their cronies will continue to break the hearts of Malaysians with their unfaithful ways and we really don’t deserve it.

We have a gorgeous country with plenty of resources to be shared with everyone and wealth enough to feed every single mouth in this land and it is time we restored the dignity of this country back.

Through its people and their high spirits.

So to my dear leaders, you who sit up there so arrogantly, belittling us peons below, come hell or high water, we will walk, you Orcs, July 9 2011, whether physically or spiritually, on the city streets, as one people and there’s really nothing you can do about it. 🙂


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  1. Great post and keep it up. It is honest yet well-written.

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