Yup, here we go again…revelation today.
I’m fed up of producing because I work with idiots everyday who know aboslutely nothing about producing and believe that everything has to be done for free or within a day.

It’s a thankless job with no satisfaction.

‘Nuff said.

I’m planning a way out of the industry because unlike the myriad number of middle-fucked-up mgmt and upper management that run this thing with no production/creative background, I am passionate about telling stories.

So I’m brining my book of stories to a different scene. This scene knows jack squat about TV or filmaking.

All they know is making a hard sell and a quick buck with no other value-add or takeaway ‘cept their next farkin’ paycheque. (And please god don’t tell me money is an important bottom-line yadda yadda because it ain’t)

You do something because you bloody love it!

Life is too precious to waste on corporate idiots in suits n ties.


About thejellyfarm

In real life, I am a television writer and producer...er no...scratch...a television director....noo, scratch....a media loser.....wait, that doesn't sound quite insulting enough....... OK, ahem. In real life, I'm an idiot box expert with a penchant for the creative. In short, I'm a loser with no focus or direction in life. I just go where the creative flow takes me. Mostly it takes me to clogged up drains and stinky oceans but it's going.......going.....somewhere. And this blog is an expression of that mindblowing roadblock. Creative frustration is a great motivator and here is a result of that.

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