Up to 3.5 years ago, my health was generally good until a demanding work life and stress from home and work caused me to have a nervous breakdown and have uncontrollable panic attacks.

These attacks would seem like heart attacks at times where I felt my heart beating so fast, it might just stop and would cause my hands to shake and my body to sweat.

Then about a year and a half ago, I decided enough was enough and up till June this year while I suffered my last panic attack I decided it was time to change my entire lifestyle.

I changed my workouts and began to exercise 4 times a week to a more intensive yet effective workout, I reduced my consumption of carbs and eliminated sugar and milk from my beverages, reduced my consumption of coffee by 65% (something I realllly love but had to cut down because it was one of the culprits giving me those attacks) and starting incorporating fruits for breakfast, drinking 2.5 litres of water a day, including a cup of green tea each morning, quitting the sticks and practising a more balanced lifestyle.

One of the quirks of this lifetsyle is quite funny. I try to sneak into the handicapped toilets (which have a bigger space btw) to do some simple plies, arm exercises and lunges. Haha!

Sometimes, I even sneak out of the office for a walk for fresh air or a cup of ‘teh-o kosong’.

Most of all, I stopped taking the work too seriously. Why?

Because if you rush through everything and identify yourself too closely to who you are in the office, your position and your reputation, you’re going to kill yourself.

Each of us have different levels of coping.

Some of us thrive on stress, others don’t. I’m somewhere in the middle with a tendency to hate it more than love it. Deadlines are the order of the day in my workplace as I’m sure it’s in most of ours and having  constant doses of it can be a burden.

But it can be a walk in the park if you pace yourself. Sure, let the boss throw more projects at ya, but if you do it at a steady pace, you won’t feel so rushed. So what if they say you’re not productive? Ah, screw it! Stay the late nights to finish it but stay and finish it at your own pace.

If you can’t finish it, tell your boss you can’t finish it.

You’re a human being, not a machine.

And if he still doesn’t understand, quit the job.

Forget about the money. Being happy is more important.

Oh yea, and of course being sane and claiming your health back.


About thejellyfarm

In real life, I am a television writer and producer...er no...scratch...a television director....noo, scratch....a media loser.....wait, that doesn't sound quite insulting enough....... OK, ahem. In real life, I'm an idiot box expert with a penchant for the creative. In short, I'm a loser with no focus or direction in life. I just go where the creative flow takes me. Mostly it takes me to clogged up drains and stinky oceans but it's going.......going.....somewhere. And this blog is an expression of that mindblowing roadblock. Creative frustration is a great motivator and here is a result of that.

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