Last Friday, a colleague and I went to Resorts World Sentosa to watch one of the most enjoyable shows to have come to our shores in awhile; ‘Voyage de la Vie’.

Dubbed as a ‘theatrical rock circus’, this was no ‘Rocky Horror Show’ or ‘Cirque du Soleil’, but it certainly carried trace elements of these best-loved stage spectaculars whilst weaving its own modern spin on old, conventional circus art forms.

I was certainly excited about watching this show (not only because I had free tickets – Ah, the perks of working for TV) but I had also had the cast and producers featured on a recent show I’m working on. From their interviews, I was curious to actually see what the show was about.

So ‘BOOOM!’ –  a week and half after watching the offline edit, 2 free tickets come zapping my way and days thereafter, I find myself sitting in the midst of this hi-octane energetic circus rock show with jugglers, dancers and trapeze acts whizzing their way past me as my colleague and I ‘woot, woot’ and cheered the acts on in sheer delight.

The story of  ‘Voyage de la Vie’ is based on a boy’s metaphoric journey to discover the meaning of life which helps him to make the often difficult transition from boy to man.

Ukrain juggler, Viktor Kee, as the Lantern Keeper

As the Boy sets off on his journey into a mysterious, unknown world with a wise old Lantern Keeper (played by the ultra-talented Ukraine juggler, Viktor Kee) various lessons of life are presented to him; lessons that help him discover his strengths and weaknesses.

From first-hand encounters with desire, life, love and death, each stage of the Boy’s journey is experienced via a slew of circus performances ranging from trapeze acts and contortionists to magicians and crossbow shooters.

Featuring a cast of circus performers from 16 countries, ‘Voyage de la Vie‘sproducers, directors and show architects,  Philip McKinley (US), Mark Fisher (UK) and Ray Winkler (UK) worked hard for many months with the international cast and crew to create this 90-minute dream adventure on stage.

During the TV interview, Philip and Ray admitted that first and foremost on their minds while working with the team, was to develop a storyline, which is something that most circuses lack, with characters that the audience would be able to relate to easily which is why they decided on casting Singapore Idol runner-up 2005, Jonathan Leong in the role of ‘The Boy’.

And after an hour and a half, I could see that their vision certainly paid off in its own way because although ‘Voyage de la Vie’ doesn’t have the flawless perfection and musical granduer of ‘Cirque du Soleil’, it simply is a show that desires to entertain and delight its audiences.

And well, my friends, that’s exactly what it did.

The sets, lighting, costumes, makeup and sheer festive, celebratory energy of the performers managed to elicit a thunderous standing ovation from the audience. I heard enough cheers, whistles of appreciation and smiles to light the auditorium for months to come and if that isn’t testament enough to what an enjoyable show it was, I don’t know what is. 🙂

For more info on the show, including showtimes and ticket prices, head on down to http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/EntertainmentNightlife/VoyagedelaVie

Watch the trailer for the show below:


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