I’ve always found that men who dare to wear some form of makeup on their faces very intriguing and downright sexy – particularly those that apply eyeliner.

And how did I ever come to that conclusion?

Well, through the recent Adam Lambert interview I experienced a couple of days back. (See photo below)

The charming guylined Adam Lambert gives Sony Style TV host an exclusive interview

Of course most of these men, like Adam, are from the music industry which gives them the liberty to pursue such an androgynous image and perhaps even the art industry. Such guys believe that the gothic image they portray is not only an extension of themselves but a statement about the energy behind their music.

But it also brings up the question of gender and sexuality.

Yes, damn it! I had to bring it up.

Wearing guy-liner really could mean a man wanting to express his femininity or at least acknowledge there is an awareness of it within himself. Another reason could be sheer vanity.

Smudged guyliner men always catch the eye of women

However, what I do know is that ancient history reveals that Egyptian, Indian and Persian men were also famous for their sexy eyelines back in the day. (Remember that evil Persian king in the movie ‘300’ or Darius the Great?)

In fact, many men from ancient times had no problems wearing cosmetics.

It was quite normal actually.

A dab of corn powder here, flushed King Louis the 18th cheeks there and even silly looking wigs without a hair out of place were customary back in the day.

So it just seems as well that men today still can indulge in some of these practises today, although modern times have defined those behaviours as being slightly gay-ish, which is why most straight men feel put off with the thought of donning makeup.

So in today’s world, makeup is relegated only to arty-farties, gothic punks/rock musicians or expressive Madonna-wanna-be poofs.

But this cross-section of the male population need not be the only ones able to get away with it – most men can get away with some form of guyliner.

The only exception is if you’re blonde or a redhead (sorry!) but black eyeliner strangely only suits dark haired, tanned-skinned types. If you are the above, I’d go with blusher, black nail polish or lip gloss instead, otherwise you’d just end up in the scary movie category. 🙂

And with that piece of advise, I leave you with my personal Top 30 list of male icons who’ve made women swoon, thanks to their smoky, smudged eyes.

30. Alice Cooper & Michael Jackson (tied)

29. Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath

28. Dee Snider, Twisted Sister

27. Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Manson

26. Prince

25. Billy Idol

24. Brandon Lee, The Crow

The heavenly Brandon Lee who donned tonnes of kohl for 'The Crow'

23. Jared Leto, 30 Seconds from Mars

22. The Horrors

21. Russel Brand, UK Comedian

20. Billy Joe Armstrong, Green Day

19. Gareth Pugh, Fashion Designer

18. Noel Fielding, UK Comedian

17. Pete Burns, Dead or Alive

16. K.I.S.S

15. Dave Gahan & the lads, Depeche Mode

14. Keith Flint, The Prodigy

13. Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

12. Peter Gabriel

11. Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

10. Brandon Flowers, The Killers

9.  Robert Smith, The Cure

8. Philip Oakey, Human League

7. Gary Numan

6. Boy George, Culture Club

5. Adam Lambert

4. Dave Navarro, Jane’s Addiction

3. Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Carribean

2. Adam Ant, Adam & The Ants

1. David Bowie


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