lipstickI used to hate the 80s hairbands because of…yes, you guessed it. Their hair!

The music was awesome if only you could see the singer’s face through that mane. I sometimes thank God these bands didn’t think of growing long armpit hair coz that would’ve just tipped the scales right about the gross, ‘gag me with a spoon’ point.

I mean men who have shinier or worse hair days than women playing rock guitar is a total sign of bad hygiene practises, man.

Get some shampoo or anti-lice medication. Simple as that.

With hair growth that rampant, who knows what could be symbiotically co-existing in there with you? (Gulp!)

It also simply goes to show that these guys had absolutely NO idea about the barber shop or what a good shave means even if it was right under their….nose hair. 😛

Now, the worse were those thrash metal ‘hunks’ or oh my friggin’ gawd  – Spinal Tap wanna-be bands that sported not only Goddess hair but handlebar moustaches that could’ve been used to rev any Harley Davidson on the streets.

Handlebar Man: “Hey babeh, wanna go for a ride on my new bike?”

Redneck Slut: “But that’s a bicycle you’re sitting on!”

Handlebar Man: “Doesn’t matter, toots. With my moustache, I ‘ve gots me enough power to rev this thing up from here to Timbuktu.”      

‘Nuff said!

Oh, but the epitome of worst hair decade for men has GOT to be the flower power years: where men became women and women, stayed as…..er….women?

Just check out Sonny Bono & CHER below to see what I mean.

My goodness! This guy could’ve been the world’s first true bisexual!! Just look at him! Who needs 1 person when you can get 2? Oh yeaaaaahhh!


Yeah balls, talk about the seriously CONFUSED!!

IMO, I think men at this decade really didn’t know how to define themselves. In some strange, mixed-up world of Hendrix, cocaine and LSD, the 70s man became the icon for bellbottom pants, groovy dance moves and ‘Cher’ embarassment.

Their radical Haight Ashbury beliefs and Alan Ginsberg summertime love beat rhetorics was the quintessential alternative statement.

A statement where their actions and lifestyles broke society’s previous ideas of erm…society.

And all thanks to hair! Now that’s what I call breaking it down baby!

And through the 80s, men having their hair long was seen as a sign of rebellion – Yes, folks…a sign they weren’t all normal up in the attic, you could say.

And while it is culturally trendy and a much needed shot in the vein of a society that often finds itself in the comfort zone, sadly and almost tragically, in a hirsute sort of way, these guys are not taken seriously.

Obviously ‘in-yo-face’ strangeness can lead to 2 reactions – idolatry or denial. 

Either way, society is very easy to judge and it chooses either one of the above, because men having long hair is a sign of someone who has abandoned all structure and rule.

The same thing goes for women who have opted for short hair, including yours ‘dykely’.

Besides the weather and fashion trends, what does short hair mean?

Especially for the Asian woman?

Is it a gender issue? Is it a rebellion issue? Or is it a statement of identity? Or a need to release oneself from the cruel cuffs of society?

Should society pay any attention or pay too much attention to the hairy side of life and its correlation to people’s behaviour and lifestyles?




Meanwhile, I found myself some estrogen yesterday when I purchased a hairband. I feel so feminized today!

*WEEKLY FEMININE RATING:flowerflower                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tomorrow – A special blog edition of INDIAN WOMEN & HAIR. Why the war will NEVER end! So don’t forget to join us!


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In real life, I am a television writer and producer...er no...scratch...a television director....noo, scratch....a media loser.....wait, that doesn't sound quite insulting enough....... OK, ahem. In real life, I'm an idiot box expert with a penchant for the creative. In short, I'm a loser with no focus or direction in life. I just go where the creative flow takes me. Mostly it takes me to clogged up drains and stinky oceans but it's going.......going.....somewhere. And this blog is an expression of that mindblowing roadblock. Creative frustration is a great motivator and here is a result of that.

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